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Our Mission

At Withinvinicble, we believe that there is a superhero inside every body. Our mission is to empower you with simple and sustainable fitness programs that you can enjoy and stick to! We are proud to be women-owned and accepting of all. 


About Katie

Katie Stepansky is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with 10+ years experience working with clients on creating sustainable fitness and nutrition programs they can stick to. She specializes in functional fitness, boxing, cardiovascular endurance, weight-loss, strength building, and guilt-free nutrition. 

Katie was a Division 1 collegiate softball player and currently is an amateur boxer in New England. She holds a Rocky Marciano and New England Golden Gloves title. She shares her knowledge as a competitor with the people she works with to help them achieve goals of their own. 

Whether you are looking to build your strength on your chest press, run your first mile or find a trainer you just enjoy working with, then Katie is who you want to work with. 

Enjoy working out again with someone who will hold you accountable! 



  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

  • USA Boxing Coach Certified 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified 

  • Cardio Performance Specialist 

  • Balance Training Specialist 

  • Core Training Specialist 

  • Neuromuscular Stretching Specialist

  • Reactive Training Specialist 

  • Resistance Training Specialist

  • Insured by NEXT Insurance 

  • CPR/AED Heartsaver, Certified by American Heart Association


James, WFH Workouts

Katie’s daily WFH workouts have been a great way for me to keep up with exercise while stuck inside at home for the last few months. Katie does a great job mixing up the exercises while still explaining each one clearly, with tips on form and technique. And when I feel like I can’t push any further, Katie has words of motivation to help me push through and finish strong.

Adam, WFH Workouts

"I don't know if its the sub-30 minute aspect or the daily variety that keeps you from getting bored, but Katie's workouts are the perfect a**kickers for everyone. Following her workouts has not only increased my overall strength but has increased my explosivity both in and out of the boxing ring. 10/10 would recommend" 

Hannah, WFH Workouts

WFH workouts have been an amazing addition to my routine! The workouts are quick but efficient (I’m drenched in sweat by the end!!) and the best part is that you can do them from anywhere. Katie provides very clear instruction and I appreciate that the routine is always very thoughtful and balanced.

Ally, WFH Workouts

Katie is a wonderful coach and motivator, constantly offering guidance on proper form and modifications while pushing you to your max effort. Her workouts are varied, efficient and truly full body—even if my muscles are cursing me during each session, at the end, I always feel stronger.

Jon, WFH Workouts

Katie is the perfect mix of being enthusiastic and clear with her instructions so you really get the most out of each workout! And she’s especially considerate about offering variations for exercises so that everyone has an experience tailored to them. These have been a blast!

Becca, WFH Workouts

I usually get sick of every type of workout, but these workouts are different. Katie always switches up the exercises, gives thorough explanations and demos, and chooses patterns and repetitions that are easy to follow and work every muscle. Everyday is different and always leaves me feeling refreshed, balanced, and STRONG! Katie will kick your a**!

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